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I’ve been feeling extremely thankful for my body recently. I spent such a huge chunk of my life picking at myself for all of my perceived flaws- gobble neck, thunder thighs, miles of stretch marks, chubby belly, etc. I mean, there’s got to be a ‘fuck it’ point. Essentially, I had to realize- what if I spend my whole life trying to lose weight and I still have all of my ‘flaws’? Y’all, I have no fucking intention of wasting away my 20s in pursuit of half baked ideas about what my body ‘should’ look like- why bother when this is what it DOES look like?
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Reflecting on the use of the tag in social media, Amanda Levitt of Fat Body Politics, asserts that she is not interested in performing her fatness in socially acceptable ways. She, and the others embracing #notyourgoodfatty, are defiant resisters in the war against fat people. They refuse to be fat in appropriate ways. They are, in short, doing fatness wrong.
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A diet is a cure that doesn’t work for a disease that doesn’t exist.
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Spring means no pants ever.

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'once upon a dream' ootd

I’ve been too shy lately.

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changed bc i may be frolicking in the park soon and i need shorts for maximum frolicking to occur

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We need to find each other and group hug. ✨💕

Yep yep yep :)))

Posting again!

All fat, all the time…well, interspersed with dog gifs.

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